Our mission is to prevent the sex trafficking and sexploitation of women and children.

Mission & VISION

At Missionary Position, we believe everyone has the power—and responsibility— to protect our community and culture from hyper sexualization and sexual abuse. Like missionaries who travel, we are driven to teach and empower others to combat the influence of sexual exploitation.  

MISSION: Missionary Position provides supportive services to victims of the sex trade and advocates against the hyper sexualization of men, women, and children.

VISION: We envision a nation that protects women and children from all forms of sexploitation to bring healing within and beyond our borders.

Sexploitation is a dark reality that does not discriminate. Too often we turn a blind eye to its influence, only to discover the wreckage that it leaves behind. All women and youth of all ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds are at risk. But there are ways to prevent it and protect your daughter, sons, and sisters from its influence.

Together, we can rewrite the narrative of sex in our personal lives, in the media, and in our communities.