The goal of PROJECT BLU is to establish awareness, prevention, and recovery to women and children exploited or at risk of being exploited by the sex trafficking or the sex trade in the US. The sexploitation of women and children in local communities is a dark reality. To address—and end— that reality, we must educate, strengthen and help the at-risk recover.

Our vision is the PREVENTION of sex trafficking through social enterprise and awareness campaigns, while RESTORING victims of the sex trade into confident, productive members of society. Using tools such as photography, film and public speaking, PROJECT BLU will engage youth and teach faith communities, teachers, parents, and community leaders to identify the signs of sex trafficking, as well as the necessary steps to bringing it to an end.


Through PROJECT BLU, Missionary Position brings together a community’s existing anti-human trafficking efforts to build upon and create an infrastructure to help and sustain change.

First, we take an ASSESSMENT of the community’s current available resources.

Next, we PERSONALIZE PROGRAMMING by bringing together members of the surrounding community including parents, nonprofit organizations, government officials, faith groups, social justice workers and teachers to mobilize efforts for a united stance.

Finally, we REVITALIZE THE COMMUNITY through prevention tools, educational seminars, and connection to local resources in the anti-human trafficking and rehabilitation system.